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In the Middle-Age was called Deserta langarum, new we call it Langa, indeed Alta Langa, because its hills reached the height of 900 meters and from its tops you can see the sea and the snow on the Alps. Here there’s no the reign of greatest wines, they don’t go so high. This is the reign of grasslands, chestnuts and silence. Here, up to 700 meters, the Hazelnut is the queen.

In the heart of this green island there’s Cravanzana, “the village of hazelnut”, whit its 6 millions of square meters of hazelnut plantations, which look like an enchanted wood and which surround the ancient castle.

From Cravanzana, going down toward Belbo river, where the ground level itself a little bit before to throw itself again toward the river, there’s a little hamlet called Moglie, a little sunny suburb that overlooks at imposing chalky rocks and at wild centuries-old forests.

We live in this place from generations to generations. Here our family, over the centuries, has worked the land, progressively bringing it, without violence to the environment, to be an exclusive cultivation for hazelnuts.

During the Winter we care of every single plant, in Spring we look them while they become flushed with brilliant green with our eyes full of hope. At the beginning of Summer we prepare the soft bed where the fruit will fall. In September we crop them and bring them in our brand-new and modern laboratory, in order to select only the best ones, exsiccate them to the right point and finally processing them.

The passion that we have put, becomes now energy aimed at an absolutely natural product, which is only “Cravanzana’s Hazelnut”, indeed “Moglie’s Hazelnut”, without any other chemical element.

As our enchanted wood has given those hazelnuts to us, in the same way we offer them to the taster, so that he can mirror himself in the perfect roundness of this fruit, he can go into raptures with its smell, he can close a little his eyes and delight himself whit his intense and incomparable taste.

This is our mission, to give back to the world a pure taste, declinable in different forms, from the fruit on its own to the flours, from the gritty hazelnuts to the hazelnut cream for the ice-creams, but a taste that, thanks to the unknown design of Nature, is born only here, on the top of our hills. And we want to give back it to you as we find it in the hazelnut plantations, which surround our home.

Photography: Alessandro Fenocchio
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